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Serving many satisfied businesses and individual clients around the world since 2004, I employ a unique investment philosophy I call 'Creative Investing'. I consider it creative in that I don't limit myself or my clients to merely conventional investment options.
I like to think outside-the-box,  and so many of my ideas include much more than the traditional annuities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and commodities.

I encourage my clients to invest only in high yield compounded-interest ventures, to use money to also buy or participate in various business enterprises that offer the best probability of delivering a consistent profit, and to purchase only products whose value will surely increase.

The reaction I often get from first time clients to the idea of consistent profits is that there's never a guarantee. They site federal mandates that make such claims suspect, if not outright illegal.

I certainly won't contradict the FTC's warnings, but I've discovered a  sure-fire remedy for virtually eliminating the risk factor when it comes investing in qualified online business opportunities.

Successful personal finance usually involves developing a portfolio of assorted investments that should 'balance-out' the constant fluctuation in the financial markets. Conventional wisdom teaches never to 'put all your eggs in one basket'.

So, for the majority of investors, a healthy portfolio would include a diversification of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and annuities. The idea is to balance one's risk of loss from aggressive investing in the more volatile stocks and bonds markets that can gain fast - but also decline even faster, with conservative deposits into long term mutual funds and compounding interest yielding annuities.

Unfortunately, the average investor, rarely has the 'insider's intuition' to effectively manipulate these funds appropriately to perpetuate a sizable gain in the short term. Even with the assistance of a trained professional financial adviser, few investors ever reach financial independence, and worse - many suffer loss.

My approach is different in that I advocate more creative and timely investments, like business ventures that have certain profit built-in, or an immediate and unconditional return of your total monetary outlay. Risk is eliminated, and potential gain is accelerated.

The next question is usually, 'How Much Profit'?

To address that question, I emphasize again - my Creative Investing strategies are based primarily on profits generated from successful online business operation and ownership. Therefore, consider what profit is possible when such a business has virtually no overhead, and receives commissions on sales of 65-80%.

These sums are paid quite regularly to online marketers, and after learning and properly applying some simple promotional tactics, just about anyone who can use a computer with Internet access can enjoy similar results.

As far as guaranteed results, the vast majority of programs and resources available to assist one in the promotion of such online businesses are sold with unconditional money-back warranties.

The majority of my clients and I have never met face to face, due to the amazing success of the new Internet communications such as Skype, VOIP, and the many new online banking protocols.
I take full advantage of these technologies, because I know that they give me a great edge over my competition who are not yet using Internet Bots and tracking devices to give them a clearer picture of the rapidly changing modern financial world.
To determine whether or not any of my services can be of specific help to You, please contact me directly via the information below.

I will be happy to discuss your plans and to answer any questions You may have during an initial no cost consultation.  
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